How to manage Ubuntu tiff display for images?

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Hi. I have developed a website and used Ubuntu tiff display images as web content. But when I click on tiff image, it gets blurred and lose display quality. As tiff is a good image format then why the tiff image is not working well.

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How to manage Ubuntu tiff display for images?


Dear Skylabreonna,

It seems to me that your problem could be one of the following:

a) Has got bugged. Where are you getting the tiff images from? If you have a static set of images then I would highly recommend you using something like Paint Shop Pro to batch convert them, changing the format and then checking again.

If this isn't an option then there might be some advantages if you look for a pre-written Java applet or any other browser plugin that can display the images in the browser.

b) Another way is to try changing the version you are using.

c) You might also want to check  the setting in your file browser not to show previews for files over a certain size? You have to keep in mind that some TIFF files can be rather big. You can set folder specific options to cater to that. . Tiff is a known complicated image/container format , as there are several variants of it, all using the same .Tiff file name extension while at the same time that they are supported everywhere. This can differ. For example your image could be BigTiff a 64-bit version of TIFF image. Save your images as Baseline Tiff I am sure they would work in all programs.

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