Program Needed to Create an Application about matching Body Shapes

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Hello Guys,

This will be use for a medium-scale advertising project only and we need a dependable software or program that can create an application that can match a variety of full human body photo against computer-generated images in different body shapes. After matching the body shape to their corresponding body type, we need to match it to various sets of outfits that can match our subject's body. We wanted to start with 5 body shapes and a set of 10 outfits.

Hope you can suggest some very good programs or software that we can use. Thank you.

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Program Needed to Create an Application about matching Body Shapes



I can give you some tips for the software.
1. Identify the angles from which you want to match the body.
2. Identify the regions of the body that you want to prioritize in comparison.
3. See that the background of all images is uniform so that you have a good region of the image.
4. Wearing too much clothes shall deteriorate the performance of the software.
5. Match the parts of image that are prioritized first. If they give satisfactory results then match the rest. 
6. Accept the result if they are 75% similar for human naked eye to visualize the pictures and accept some of it.
The match may not be 100% accurate as the pictures in comparison are all not of the same body and texture, however the percentage or the threshold here makes the justification. Lastly, after all the comparison is done by the software, your naked eye will justify the correct one.
Software built for the specified purpose should work well than normal all-purpose software.

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