App-V/Softgrid virtual application failed to launch

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I have the following weird error message when launching an App-V/Softgrid virtual application. The error shows “the application virtualization client could not launch defaultApp”. I have tried it with the default app. How can I get the resolution? I want to remove this error with your proper solution. Help me.



Error: the application virtualization client could not launch defaultApp MFC application No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. Error code: 460165019D07D2A-0000274D




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App-V/Softgrid virtual application failed to launch



This error message is actually displayed when it cant locate your network drive or the network package location you specified is not available.

There might also be error in setting up the infrastructure. I recommend you some do troubleshooting by following the steps here:

1. Review the documentation and make sure that everything is set up properly.

2. Confirm that Client and Streaming logs both don't give warning indicators or errors. Ctrl + F the logs then search for keyword "WARNING" or "ERROR". If the warning or error is directly hooked up with the Client or Streaming, then re-configure the setup.

Note: When you are using global publishing, the client machine account requires the read access to shared folders/ files. I suggest you use domain computers instead so you can retrieve shared folders using the user account that currently logs in.

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