Problems with Windows Vista Software

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For unknown reasons, Vista is giving me hard time on using my computer. My computer automatically and repeatedly shut down itself while I’m using it. I did everything I can to solve this problem. I even try to ask help from over-the-phone help by Answers Gateway. They actually told me to reinstall Vista.

But unfortunately, it didn’t work. Instead, it reinstalls Vista to another drive D. After paying the cost of that over-the-phone help, the problem on my computer has gotten to worst. My computer doesn’t want to boot up already. It reaches the black screen and restarts itself multiple times.

I’ve been searching answers from various websites like YouTube, Wiki Answers, Yahoo Answers and even this site. I asked these kinds of questions, how to change my computer setting to factory setting; or what am I suppose to do when my computer does not boot up beyond the black screen; or how to delete the partition D?

I also asked help from other sites and they gave me same answers, which is to unplug the power cord and hold on the power button for at least 30 seconds. I also tried other suggestions like repeatedly tap the following buttons: F2, F8, F10, and F12. The latter one solves my problem very occasionally.

Luckily, I had a chance last night to reboot my computer properly. So I took advantage of it. I searched through my computer on how to delete the partition D and I saw several answers. I also searched on how to restore my computer to the factory settings. But to my surprise, I couldn’t it on my system.

I’m sure that I have that option because I already did it twice long time ago. What do you think happened? I’m actually relying on that process because I believe that might help fix this problem.

I’ll share some information about my computer that might help in solving this problem. The following are: 
  • Make: Gateway.
  • Model #: GM5664.
  • Processor: AMD Phenom™ 9600, 64-bit quad core processor 32 bit.
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Problems with Windows Vista Software


Hallo Mildred,

The problem here is the operating system; I do not think the computer itself has a problem. I used to have windows vista on my computer a while back and I can tell that I did not have fun using it even one time. It has a lot of problems; from freezing, blue screen errors, and many other problems. I decided to switch to windows 7 which has never given a hard time since I started using it.

So, what I concluded about vista is that it has a lot of bugs in its code, and these bugs were fixed in windows 7 which came as an upgraded version of vista. You therefore consider switching to windows 7. It is light, easy and use and does not have many problems as the ones you are having while using vista.

Windows 7 comes with many drivers, and saves you trouble that might arise due to missing drivers.


Lee Hung

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Problems with Windows Vista Software


Hi user,

Did you try booting through the newly installed Windows Vista? Press and hold F8 to bring up this option when booting. If this resolves the issue then boot through it and delete the partition with the old Vista.

One other thing I want to point you out is this, when you were installing Vista the second time you must have selected the option of installing it in a new partition instead of reinstalling it in the same partition where you had your original Windows Vista. That resulted in you having two operating system in two partition. Try reinstalling it this time with more care.

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