Configure Windows Vista To Shutdown at a Specific Time

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I'm a busy person that sometimes I forget shutting down my computer when I sleep. I want to be able to shutdown my computer at a specific time 5pm and 10pm every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and 6pm and 11pm every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. How can I do that?

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Configure Windows Vista To Shutdown at a Specific Time


To automatically shut down your Windows Vista, you will need to go through its Task Scheduler. To do it, you may try the following:

  • Go to Start
  • Choose Control Panel
  • Click on System Maintenance
  • Go to Administrative Tools
  • Choose Schedule Tasks
  • Click on Create Basic Task which is found in the Actions column on the right of the screen and put in the name you would like to use like PC Shutdown for example and the description
  • Choose Next
  • On the Task Trigger screen you can choose if you’d like to shut down your vista automatically daily, weekly and so on
  • Enter the date and the time and choose the recurring times you’d like this done
  • Under the Action screen, choose Start A Program
  • Browse and choose C:WindowsSystem32Shutdown.exe
  • Then go to Summary and choose Finish

For screenshots to help you see what it is going to look like to set up your Vista to shutdown automatically, you may go to

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Configure Windows Vista To Shutdown at a Specific Time


If you want to shut down your computer at specific time and day of the week, that’s possible by creating multiple scheduled shut down using the “Scheduled Tasks” feature, Microsoft Windows’ own task scheduler. To create that schedule, click “Start”, “All Programs”, “Accessories”, “System Tools”, and then “Scheduled Tasks”. In “Scheduled Tasks” window, click “File”, “New”, and then “Scheduled Task”.

Create new task

Enter the name of the task and hit Enter. After this, right-click the task you created and select “Properties”. In the “Run” field, type without quotes “shutdown -i -s”. At the bottom of the dialog, check “Run only if logged on”.

Enter command parameters

Next, select “Schedule” tab. Under “Schedule Task”, select “Weekly” from the dropdown list. Set the “Start time” to 5 PM and then check “Mon”, “Tue”, and “Wed”. After this, check “Show multiple schedules” at the bottom of the dialog to create multiple schedules of the same task. This now sets the schedule for the 5 PM shutdown.

Set schedule for 5 PM

To create the next schedule which is 10 PM, click “New” and then repeat the same steps and set the time to 10 PM.

Schedule for 10 PM

Repeat the same steps to create the 6 PM and 11 PM shut down schedule for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. When you are finished, click “OK”.

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