Problems with defragmenting hard drive that causes error

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Hi there,

When I tried to format the hard disk with 150GB disk space in Windows, an error message appeared. 

'Error Message' 
An unexpected error has occurred. Check the System Event Log for more information on the error. Close the Disk Management console, then restart Disk Management or restart the computer.' 
Then that drive with 150GB space did not look like as before.
Please advise what happened and any solution. 
Thanks in advance.
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Problems with defragmenting hard drive that causes error

If your format process encountering this type of error. This is just normal if you're using an old hard disk.
Some clusters are already be damage due to old files delete and install process. Some of them are corrupted already although corrupted files wouldn't damage the hard drives, but because of your hard disk is quite old there will be a cluster crash already meaning you can't use it anymore. With regards to 150GB space didn't appearing, this is due to some of your space can't be use anymore, some clusters no longer detected that would be the reason the display is lesser than 150 GB. 
Replace you hard disk, buy another one so that it will display totally what your hard disk are.
your old hard disk 150GB i think was manufactured 7 years ago this is long time already.
Tony Stevenson
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Problems with defragmenting hard drive that causes error


You need to check your hard disk because it is containing errors in your hard disk and that's why it is not working properly. You can check your disk by just going to cmd and then you need to run chkdsk on your drive and make sure that your hard disk is error free. You can make fdisk then to format your drive. It is easy and save. You need to know how to make a proper format on your drive. You can only do it if you know the cmd then you can run a format on your drive and you will be able to format your disk. You need to check that your hard disk does not contain some files that are corrupted. If you are able to run a restore point on your computer then you need to run that on your computer. So that the error come previously will be removed from your hard disk. Also check all the other hardware specially your power supply to make sure that you have no problem there.
I am sure that you will be able to solve your problem.


Michal joran.

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Problems with defragmenting hard drive that causes error


Do the following to solve the problem you are having when partitioning your hard disk:

  1. Restart your computer, and then try running the disk management again and partition the drive with it. Make sure that you use the right options for partitioning the disk. When you need to partition the disk, use the shrink volume option, but in case you want to enlarge the volume use the extend volume option.
  2. In case disk management malfunctions again, then I will advise that you get an application that is used for partitioning hard drives and use it. I will recommend Acronis True Image. Download it and install it on your computer and then use it to partition your hard drive.

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