Computer crashed and all microsoft research is gone

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I am working on my research project and my computer crashed.

All my saved data and Microsoft search was saved there.

When I plug my hard drive to another laptop, it is not recognized.

How can I retrieve all my info on my hard drive?

Please suggest.

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Computer crashed and all microsoft research is gone


Hello Ma McKinney

A computer can not see two drives with different operating systems. If you had partitioned the hard drive, that is in to drive C and D then you have the possibility to recover your documents.

That is if you save the documents in the drive D, were the operating system wasn’t installed. You can format the Hard drive leaving the drive D where your documents where found unformatted, then the computer will recognize your hard drive and you can the have your documents again.

All these may be successful if it was not the hard which developed the problem and crashed because it may not work anymore if it is dead completely. If the documents where stored in drive C where the operating system was installed. I am sorry you may not have your documents anymore.

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