Setting up a wifi network

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How do I know if I have WiFi connection?

And if I have it, how do I access it?

This might be a simple question but please help me I'm new to these stuff.

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Setting up a wifi network


Hi Hannah hope the following steps will guide you in fixing of this issue.:

  • Wifi is an acronym for Wireless Fidelity and in simple words it can be called as Wireless Networks and its no need to differentiate between wired and wireless networks as you already know it.
  • To Know whether you have an Wifi connection or not Simply Go to Connect to the Networks and its the place where available networks are shown and then select your network as name of the network helps in that by identifying the network you are about to connect.
  • If at all you want to create new network then Set up a connection or network add an new Wifi network but enable your Wifi on in your system to show the accessible networks in the network list.

Thank You..:-)

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Setting up a wifi network


First you must have a Broadband or DSL( Digital Subscriber line) connection that your ISP (internet service provider) will give you. And you must have a  operating system that supports wireless networking. And you must have also a DSL or broadband modem depends on what internet connection you will get.

First is connect the modem that your isp will provide you to the wireless router and then you will have a internet connection now if you want to configure your wireless modem there will be a manual included on the modem that you have bought on how to configure your router

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Setting up a wifi network


A Wi-Fi network allows you to interconnect all your computers (and any guest computers) you want to share. There are two options in setting up a Wi-Fi if you already have an existing network or not.

Option 1 (an existing network)

  1. Here, view available networks by right- clicking the network icon at the bottom right of your computer (the icon looks like 2 computers or a set of bars in your taskbar on the bottom right of your screen) and selecting; view available networks or connect/disconnect or click on the Wi-Fi icon to see a list of available networks, depending on the operating system installed in your computer.
  2. Select the network to connect to by clicking on ‘connect’.
  3. Enter the security key (this applies to wireless networks that have the encryption; WEP, WPA or WPA2). Next, you will be prompted to enter the network password/passphrase. It is automatically stored, so you only have to input it once.
  4. You are now connected and can start browsing or sharing. Open your internet browser and visit a website to confirm you are connected to the internet.
  5. Make sure you have a firewall and updated antivirus software especially if you're accessing a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Option 2 (setting up a network from scratch)

Before setting up the network you will need;

  • A modem
  • A wireless router
  • Wireless network interface cards (that is, if you do not have them in-built in your computer).

After getting the router, install it in a central location to ensure each room is covered by the Wi-Fi signal.

Getting started

1. Connect the devices

Connect your modem to the wireless router (using an Ethernet cable) ensuring you connect the modem to the port labeled ‘internet’. This moves the internet connection from your modem to the wireless router.

Plug in your computer to the back of the router (using Ethernet jacks). This is a necessary connection in configuring the Wi-Fi network

  2. Turn it on

The order in doing this is of great importance. First, turn on your modem, then the wireless router and finally the computer.

3. Set up the network

Start your web browser and select the router’s IP address (check the documentation that came with the router for the default IP address used by the device)

Next, you will see a login window asking for a username and password, the default values are in the documentation.

Once logged in, you will see the router’s settings page. Change the default admin password so that unauthorized persons do not reconfigure your settings.

Choose a username that will be broadcasted by the router to identify it across the network.

4. Connect to the internet

Once you are through with all settings, disconnect your computer and go the network settings and you should see your new Wi-Fi network listed under available networks. Select it and enter your password (if you are using one) to connect to the internet.


I hope this solution helps you connect your Wi-Fi network. Thank you.

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Setting up a wifi network


Jusperwendo, thanks for helping me, I have the following devices: modem, router and installed WiFi interface card in my laptop. The set-up was very easy. If you are lazy to set it up, you can skip it but the WiFi connection became unsecured network.


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