Problem when adjustment layer is included over an image

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Hi, I have a Photoshop CS4.  Whenever i include an adjustment layer over an image, Box pops up which shows the usual options such as the color, opacity and mode.  However, when another adjustment layer for example, selective color, is added, the options are now different.  There is now an option about the media size.  Why is this?  Can anybody advise me on what to do?  Thank you so much.

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Problem when adjustment layer is included over an image


Hello Michael_cruz,

The problem with the adjustment layer having a box pop up over it all time when you are using adobe Photoshop CS4 could be because of the settings you have configured for the layers. Check the settings you are using for the adjustment layers and palettes and adjust them accordingly so that the box remains static when you use the adjustment layer and does not pop up as it is doing.

Also, you can drag the adjustment layer once you done using it to the trashcan which is in the layers palette so that the original image does not get tampered with the box that pops up.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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