Problem Using Google Chrome Beta 20.0.1132.17

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I was using the latest updates of Google Chrome Beta Version 20.0.1132.17,

It stops working suddenly with the error message "Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed.

" How can I fix the Problem?

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Problem Using Google Chrome Beta 20.0.1132.17



You are using a beta version of new release of the Google Chrome web browser. A beta version mean a version which release before the original version release. The purpose of the beta version is identifying the bugs and other various things that should be developed by the real release. That means beta versions for real time testing of a software product.

Therefore getting errors are reasonable for this situation. What you have to do is use the final release of the Google Chrome if available or find a old release which should not be a beta version of the software.

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Problem Using Google Chrome Beta 20.0.1132.17


Nope, you cannot fix it. Remember, you are using the beta version of Google Chrome and beta versions are intended for testing purposes only. Its release to the public is not intended to be the final product. Beta versions are for beta testers. Beta testers use the application and reports back to the developer any errors they encounter with the program especially if the software crashed like what happened to you.

If you want to be a beta tester, you can contact the developer so they can include you to their group of beta testers. On the other hand, if you just want to help by trying out the program yourself, what you should do is to use the program extensively and take note of all the errors you might encounter as you use it.

You can then report the errors you received to the developer by contacting them on their website or sometimes through a forum site. They will then fix the errors you encountered together with the rest of the errors from other users and will produce another beta version. They will release the final version, which is no longer a beta version, once they have fixed the majority of the issues and no more errors have been reported.

If you want to use a stable version, don’t use a beta version. A beta version is a very unstable version because it contains many errors. Since you are on Google Chrome, download the latest version: Google Chrome 46.0.2490.86 m for Windows.

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