CAPTCHA not loading in Google Chrome, Firefox and IE

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Hi experts!

Good day! May I know if somebody had already encountered this problem while using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Whenever I'm about to fill-up or sign-in a registration form, the CAPTCHA code doesn't load. It only shows a box with an 'X' mark. I tried it in all of my internet browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) but all of them failed. Sometimes, I even got a blank space on the CAPTCHA box.

CAPTCHA code doesn't load

I also tried to refresh the webpage, disable my antivirus software and Windows firewall but still no good.

Any suggestion?



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CAPTCHA not loading in Google Chrome, Firefox and IE


Good morning Richard!

You write here your problem. It is a generic one. This thing happens to many individuals. This can be solved in two ways. We can also say that because of these two reasons, this type of thing happens.

1. Most of the time this type of problem comes when there is an error in the connections. You should check your connection setting. Check your speed because these types of images require a good speed to open. If you don’t have a good speed connection, it will never open. Sometimes, this error comes from time to time, so you check it few days later.

2. Another valid reason is that there is a problem in website. This type of problem always remains in the websites.

So, maybe this is a problem of the website.


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CAPTCHA not loading in Google Chrome, Firefox and IE


Hello Richard,

I have ever come across that error, and most of the time it occurs due to slow internet connection speed. You will therefore need to do the following to resolve the issue:

  • You will need to troubleshoot problems with internet connection on your computer.
  • In case you're using wireless network to connect to the internet, you will need to ensure that the signal at the place you are is strong to enable fast internet access.
  • But if you are using cable network, you will need to check the network cables and make sure that they have been plugged correctly. For if there are disconnected it implies that connection to the internet is lost.



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