Problem with my sound card not working.

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Hello and good day!

I am using my computer and haven’t have any issues in any aspects and parts of it. Eventually while I am working, my child hold the mouse while the monitor is off while I am taking my lunch. I wasn’t able to see what really happened. Can you configure my computer and make it work again? I usually use this computer to make my daughter sleep. I cannot play anymore my Windows media player. Can you show me how to fix this problem? Thank you!

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Problem with my sound card not working.


Hello Jessica!

Check your sound settings.

1. Right click in your taskbar where the “speaker” or Sound icon is located.

2. Select “Volume Control Options.” A new window will pop-up.

3. Tick the box that says “All devices currently playing sound”.

4. Click the “Apply” button.

You can also check the steps below as your alternative way.

1. Right click in “My Computer” and select “Manage.”

2. From the left pane, click “Device Manager.” In the center pane drop down the arrow before “Audio Inputs and Outputs.”

3. Check if there’s any devices showing the “arrow pointing down” before it.

4. If there’s any devices showing this icon, please, right click on it and select “Enable.”

5. Refresh your desktop and try it again.

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