Problem running Message Tracking Tool

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From Exchange 2010, when I want to try the Message Tracking tool; I got an authorization dialog (while being logged in with proper credentials). Then I have authorized myself, I got the following error:

Access Denied

You must be signed in to an Outlook Live account to open this page. If you don't have an Outlook Live account, please contact your helpdesk.

We’re running by an on-premise Exchange 2010 configuration, I don’t know why the Outlook Live account message is staying here. Help please. Thanks a lot.

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Problem running Message Tracking Tool




 The problem you are facing is that your software is not running properly and access is denied is appearing in your error page. This is due to the fact that:

1. As it is showing that log out from outlook account and then come and run this software so you should have to follow the instruction and log out from the account and then run this software and it will working and if still it does not working then you should right click on the software and chose "Run as Administrator" this will run as administrator and this will solve your problem. Hope this solution will help you in getting rid of the problem.

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