Unable to connect to mail server

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Due to firewall barriers and securities, we have servers which cannot get into the mail server.

However, it can connect to the Lotus Notes Server.

Can a command line be used to fix this problem?

How can we connect and send SMTP mail using Notes Mail 5.1xthrough normal Notes protocols port 1352?

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Unable to connect to mail server


Hi there! Please read though this and see where you left out. Prerequisites are: Lotus Notes Command Line Email Client, you can get this from this link

Lotus Notes E-mail Client Lotus Notes (ID File) Java Runtime Environment > Free Java Download  

JavaMail API > Downloads java mail  

JavaBeans Activation Framework > Oracle Technology Network Java

Then try this Step by step installation process:

1. Install Java Runtime Environment JRE (e.g. C:Program FilesJavaj2re1.4.2_06)

2. Install Lotus Notes Email client (Lotus Notes 6.5.4)

3. Unzip Lotus Notes Command Line Email Client (c:CLI)

4. Unzip Javamail and copy the mail.jar to C:CLIlib

5. Unzip JavaBeans Activation Framework and copy activation.jar to C:CLIlib

6. Run Install.bat Use SMTP for sending mail (yes/no) (no)? no Do you want to use Domino IIOP (no)? no Domino server address (SERVER/COMPANY/COUNTRY)? PH-MAIL-02/SERVERS/HSBC Notes ID password: MyPassWord Save mail (yes/no) (no)? no Encrypt mail (yes/no) (no)? yes Sign mail (yes/no) (no)? yes Add the JREbin to the %PATH% environment variable. set PATH=%PATH%;C:Program FilesLotusNotes;C:Program FilesJavaj2re1.4.2_06bin;C:CLI; , 7.Configure your Lotus Notes Email Client (Notes.Ini) Directory=C:LotusNotesData KeyFilename=GiL-ID.id Location=Office (Network),9DA,CN=Gil A VIRTUCIO/OU=AMC/OU=HDPP/O=HSBC MailFile=MailAp116896.nsf MailServer=CN=PH-MAIL-02/OU=SERVERS/O=HSBC then try sending an e-mail. c:CLIclinotes -m -to "Gil A Virtucio/AMC/HDPP/HSBC" -s "This is the Subject" -b "this will be the Body of my email"

Hope this helped.

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