Verify If Your E-Mail Address Exists: Check A Valid E-Mail Address

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Hi. I just created an account on Gmail. Today when I tried signing in to a site using that account, it was not accepting and displaying an error message saying “invalid credential.” The password being used is also correct. Can you please let me know about a way to check a valid email address? It is urgent. Thanks in advance.

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Verify If Your E-Mail Address Exists: Check A Valid E-Mail Address


Hi. The best way to check a valid email address is by using an online email checker. It verifies the email address and is easy to use. It is also free of cost. Once the page opens up, enter the email address and then click on the check button written alongside. Then the tool processes and lets you know if the email address entered by you exists or not. Its working is such that it first extracts records from email address and then connects to the mail server over simple mail transfer protocol to ensure that the mailbox does exist for the particular user. However, it may be possible that the results are not always accurate because some mail servers do not allow this kind of connection. It verifies three things-

• If the format of the email id is correct or not as per required

• If the domain that the email id is a part of is valid or not

• If the user is valid or not and of the mailbox really exists for that particular email address or not

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