Problem with restarting PC or Booting

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Hi There,

Please help me on my computer problem it doesn’t restart properly, not even when I set it to Safe Mode. However, the computer suggests that I reformat which I could not do because I will lose all of my files

When the computer did restart once, I encountered an error message saying that the BOOTMGR is not detected.

I really don’t know what to do anymore and I am hoping you could tell me.

Thank you. 

Irene James

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Problem with restarting PC or Booting


Hello Irene James,

BOOTMGR is one of the common file in system 32, Maybe your BOOTMGR affected by virus and was deleted by your antivirus. If  your hard disk are being partition into two which is the Drive C: and Drive D: there is a chance of saving your file from Drive C: when you reformat it by just simply booting only Drive C: If your hard disk are not partition,sad to say, the only solution is to reformat it..

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Problem with restarting PC or Booting


Hi Irene James,

To make you enjoy your computer, to make it fast and more convenient to use no lag, no restarting problem. You should reformat your harddrive and install a new Operating System so you will not encountering this kind of error like BOOTMGR. This error cause by missing files on your Operating System, when this error happens there will be many corrupted files already in your system.

That's the reason why your computer won't restart properly, sometimes okay and sometimes not. It's hard to determined where are you missing files deleted by the virus. Before you reformat your Operating System you should back up your important files because you don't want to lose them as you mentioned right. back up them in the USB before you install your new OS.


Tony Stevenson

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