How to interconnect mysite using private connection not internet

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Good Day IT Expert,

I would like to request to your kind assistance on how could i connect my site privately without using an internet. I need your idea on this and the application is CCTV and company system which includes email etc.



Glenda Johnson 


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How to interconnect mysite using private connection not internet


Hi Glenda,

The first thing you should do is to consult your nearest internet service provider(ISP) in your area. Ask the assistance if there is available facility to accommodate these types of connection on all of your sites. Ask if they have an available VPN connection. VPN connection stands for a virtual Private Network commonly used by the companies for their private networks. Normally it's more expensive than the normal DSL connection because of it's security level. If your site located remotely, if no wired connection available, ask them to connect a wireless VPN, Wireless VPN is expensive compare to wired VPN, Telco companies installed antenna for this just like smart bro if you're familiar with it.
A VPN has a good route compare to normal DSL if you subscribe 1 MB it guarantees around 800 kbs to 1 MB unlike DSL which not guarantee, in terms of sending files VPN is fast compare to normal internet, this is also point to point connection from the main branch to your other branch. The requirement for your site connection is 500 kbps VPN connection. Try to ask your Telco provider if it is available.
Tony Stevenson    

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