Limited or No Connectivity Error

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I am having an error similar to this:

Limited or no connectivity. I set-up a link router model DIR-615 4-port to my primary desktop. It is wired since the modem fordsl is connected to it. Then I plugged the router to the modem to the computer. I installed the disc for the router and followed all the instructions. After the installation, there is a balloon with error on my system tray appears.  My connection is limited or no connectivity.

The 2 computer icon has a lock and I cannot open any site on my browser. Even the messenger and all. I cannot even access the d link log-in page. An error of Cannot Display The Webpage occur. I set the TCP/IP to automatic.  But it does not change anything. So I manually type the appropriate details and set the IP Address and the DNS Server manually, but nothing's changed. I open the command prompt and type cmd, then type ipconfig release and renew method to renew my IP but it has an error.

My operating system is Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3. Did I make any mistake in installing the router? I tried to unplug the RJ45 cable from the modem and directly plug it at the back of my CPU, restart my computer and see if I can browse the net, it works. But whenever I try to install the router, the connection is locked. What do I need to fix this? I need to install the router so my kids can use their wireless laptop.

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Local  Ares Connection
This connection has limited or no connectivity. You might not be able to access the Internet or some
network resources. For more information,click this message.
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Limited or No Connectivity Error



This is a typical problem especially if you used the CD provided by the router manufacturer. The reason is, the CD will automatically configure the settings for your computer, then its actually not compatible with your computer.

So heres what you need to do:

NOTE: you may need to reset the router to factory default before following the steps below since you already tried using the CD

  • Turn all equipment off, including the modem , router and the computer
  • wait for 30 seconds
  • plug in the power to the MODEM first, then the router
  • turn on the computer

on the computer you are working on (wireless or wired) make sure you set the IP address to dhcp based.( obtain an ip address automatically and dns server address automatically

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Limited or No Connectivity Error


Hi James Davis

This may help to your problem

If your network card (wired or wireless) shows limited or no connectivity message, and you have connected your computer to the network, this usually means your computer fails to acquire IP address, netmask, gateway and DNS info from the router.

If you want to confirm, just type ipconfig /all in command prompt (cmd.exe) and see whether your computer is assigned correct IP address and other network info. If it shows IP 169.x.x.x, then it fails to acquire IP address. Here are some advices:

  •  Confirm DHCP setting is enabled and configured properly on the router.
  •  If DHCP setting is not configured on the router, then you can assign the IP address and other network info manually on the network card.
  •  Get the latest driver for your network card from manufacturer website and install it, after that try again.
  •  Upgrade the firmware of the router.


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Limited or No Connectivity Error


Sorry for delay reply and thanks for sending some help. I tried releasing and renewing my IP and waited till my connection gets firm. The error may occur if the internet connection is unstable.

Anyway thanks for the help guys.

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