Problem occurs with DellV515w printer

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 Problem occurs with DellV515w printer. Its power button is on but it isn’t working. What could be the problem? 

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Problem occurs with DellV515w printer


I wish you explain it much further so we can have a much clearer view of the situation. When you said that your printer is turned ON but is not working, I assume that you see the power indicator of the printer is turned ON but you can not actually do any printing with it.

If this is the case, try checking the USB cable of your printer. I think this is where the problem started.

Plug your printer to the AC outlet then turn it ON. Then connect its USB cable to the computer and then do a test print using any of your desktop applications.

If you can not do any print job, try transferring the printer’s USB cable to another USB port and then try printing again. Use all of the available USB ports on your computer if you still can’t do any test print.

But if you already tried connecting your printer to all of the available ports of the CPU and it still can’t do any print, you should consider replacing your printer’s USB cable. It is possible that it is already damaged.

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