Problem in installing Hp Deskjet 840c printer drivers

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I recently bought a printer Hp Deskjet 840c and i have not been able to install it successfully on my computer. I am running on Windows XP Pro. I keep on getting error messages every time i reboot the computer. There is a common annoying message that pops up every time i turn on the PC.

"Hp Deskjet 840c installer error. Unable to create Hpztbx04.exe shortcut, file not found. The RPC server is unavailable."

I bought new deskjet 840c series installation drivers and tried to install them. This is the error message i got,

“Unable to create Hpztbx04.exe shortcut, file not found"

I have tried to install and uninstall the drivers, nothing changed. I have checked the printers cable to see if they were being powered up, they are working fine.

I did a little bit of research on this and, there was a suggestion that it can be the firewall blocking access to the RPC. I have checked on the firewall and turned it off and retried the installation, still the same error pops up.

I also disabled my anti-virus, tried to install the drivers and failed.

What else can be the problem? This is getting on my nerves and i am feeling like smashing the printer on the wall. But before i do that i need your help, please?

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Problem in installing Hp Deskjet 840c printer drivers


HP Deskjet 840c Printer Driver Installation Problem

Many of HP Deskjet Printer encountered this error. Hpztbx04.exe is a file from Hewlett Packard associated with HP Deskjet printers. The file is neither a virus nor a Trojan, spyware and adware. It is the file which runs at start-up. This file has form or a dialog box which understand the command in HP Deskjet printers. The function of this file is to create icons on the task tray which indicates your activity and the printer status. One for the ink levels, for the memory (inserted on the printer) and Detection for HP devices connected in your computer.

You may find the Hpztbx04.exe at the system folder inside windows folder (C:WINDOWSSystem32spooldriversw32x863). The hpztbx04.exe was run during boot-up process and this was run inside the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun.

There is temporary work-around for this error. Consider the following alternatives and find what is the best for you or what works for your.

  1. Remove the entry of the file at the registry run.
  2. Remove the installed files or applications and install only the driver. Ignoring the HP Applications.
  3. Reinstall/Install and clean Microsoft Windows (Windows XP Pro in your part) operating system.

How to remove the entry of the file at the registry run? We have two ways to remove it:

  1. Through the Registry Editor.
  2. Through the MSConfig.

Remove via Registry Editor

  1. Open your registry edit by clicking Start then Run.
  2. Type Regedit on the Run Dialog Box the click Ok.
  3. Navigate the following keys:


  1. Find the entries on the right pane which has the data value of hpztbx04.exe.
  2. Select the data then delete.
  3. Restart your computer and find out if the annoying error still there.

Remove via MSConfig

  1. Open your System Configuration by clicking Start then Run.
  2. Type msconfig on the Run Dialog Box then click Ok.
  3. On the System Configuration Window click the Startup tab.
  4. On the list find the Command column; expand it so that you will see the entire contents of the column.
  5. Look for hpztbx04.exe on the list, select the item then uncheck the check box on the Startup Item column.
  6. Click Ok and restart your computer.
  7. If the System Configuration asks you to run after start-up just cancel it.

Removing the installed Driver and Re-install without Installing HP Applications. Just find on the Start/Programs menu the un-installation link of your HP Printer. If can’t find the link on Start menu, you can un-install your Printer software on the Control Panel. After a successful un-installation, go to Printers folder then ad new printer. But before that insert your installation disk on your optical drive then ignore any start-ups. Proceed on printer installation, just tell the installation wizard that you have the disk and follow instructions on the wizard until installation has been finished. Doing this installation will not install the full features of your printer which is easily accessed on the task tray. But it is the same; you can still access your printer and print documents.

Install a Clean Microsoft Windows Operating System. Re-installation of your operating system makes all entries where cleaned especially illegal entries on the registry and corrupted system file even the security policies.

Note:You must have the Administrator Privilege when installing applications and drivers. Without the administrator privilege will lead you to errors during and after installation.

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Problem in installing Hp Deskjet 840c printer drivers


Michael Hall,

The drivers installation of Hp Deskjet 840c in particular do not have any non standard approach of making it work with computer. Hp Deskjet 840c here-in-after called as printer in the post is similar to installation for any hardware device to computer. 

Coming to error "Hp Deskjet 840c installer error. Unable to create Hpztbx04.exe shortcut, file not found. The RPC server is unavailable." could you verify the service running status of RPC in service as started? you may get a question how to verify the RPC service here are the steps to follow:

Start Menu->Click Run (Bottom of menu)->type or select  services.msc from the picklist->Press OK or Enter.

Following steps (4) opens the services window, here look for RPC and verify.

Later in post error mentioned as “Unable to create Hpztbx04.exe shortcut, file not found"    

It indicates as RPC is not troubling for driver installation. shortcut on desktop is only an easy way access to printer. But you should verify the printer drivers availability either from Start Menu->Printers and Faxes or Control panel->System->Hardware Tab.

Few troubleshooting techniques i would like to mention are:

1. Install Service pack version on top of operating system. As mentioned the computer is Windows XP Pro the best to go for is Service pack 3 (SP3).

2. WMI tool it is recommended only under the guidance of administrator.

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