Problem with this Network Please help !

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Hi everyone,

My wired network is around 200 s/w and it has a small wireless network that has 6 access points.

They are both working properly when you use them individually but when I connect them together, the ping packets are dropped.

Can someone please tell me the solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance

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Problem with this Network Please help !


Hello Hellen,

When you use only use one access point, it means that all the bandwidth on the network is being used by it, and therefore the network speed will be faster. When you connect to the internet you will see that the speed at which the web pages will be loading will be faster.

But when you connect all the 6 access points at a time, then it means that the bandwidth on the network is shared among them, and if one someone on one access point seems to be performing bandwidth intensive activities like downloading then the other access points will be massively affected and their connection speeds will go down.


Mahesh Babu

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Problem with this Network Please help !


Sharing Internet connection up to 6 Access points will decreased and slow down Internet connection. This means, bandwidth allocated by your Internet Service provider will be devised by 6 access points.

There are settings on the router that you can device the allocated bandwidth to each computer. You can sum-up to equal bandwidth to each and every computer connected. However, don't expect higher Internet speed on each when others are in used or not.

This means, 1 computer will only get the allocated Internet speed bandwidth assigned by the router. But is good in someway if all are working at the same time because it shared among the 6 access points and it divide the bandwidth accordingly.

You may contact your ISP and increase your Internet speed so, an increase speed means additional charge to your account. But this will add up additional Internet and it will be divided among 6 access point and slowness on each computer will not be felt real time.

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