Smart Broadband Connection Unable to connect

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Smart Broadband Connection Unable to connect.

I have a subscription from Smart Broadband, which uses a Radio Antenna (Canopy) to connect on their transmitter. My connection lost maybe due to typhoon. So I called the Smart Broadband hotline, to ask for assistance. The technical support claims that my antenna is acquiring good signals and there is no problem detected on it. She claims that the problem comes in my computer or the operating system.

I also have a Globe broadband connection, so I tried to connect my Globe to the LAN which Smart claims to have the problem, but it works fine. I explained this process that I’ve done, to Smart but they stick to their claim, which is according to her, they are different from Globe because Globe uses router.

I don’t want a long conversation with those people, so I just disconnected the call and tried to solve the problem, myself. Still, no luck!

Maybe you experts could help me for this.

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Smart Broadband Connection Unable to connect


Hi Yolly,

Good thing you raised your point to Smart Broadband technical support agent, isolating the situation really helps. If it works on other connection, you said, in Globe broadband connection it just works fine but not in them. I think you made your point in their but then, they said it's in our side is the one having problem.

My understanding to this, regardless what Internet Service Provider you are using, either the modem, router but when your computer is connected to that said equipment and it work fine on 1, but not on the other; that really proves your computer is not the issue. Couple of reasons I want to point out here;

1. When connecting your computer to Smart Broadband connection, try do a ping test

    * Check your IP-Address, do ipconfig in the command prompt, check if it's valid.

    * Go to Command Prompt, Start > Run > type CMD and Click OK. Type ping

    * If the ping test will have a reply, this means that the problem is in the network and not yours. But for the benefit of the doubt, disabled your security software before calling them again and slam the phone in their ears.

2.. Call them again and raise these points. If they still made a claim that it's in your end is having problem, if I we're you, I will leave and cancel my subscription.

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Smart Broadband Connection Unable to connect


Trace your cable from your computer going to the antenna. Find a little box connected between two cables. This might be the problem why you don’t have connection but the signal on the antenna is okay.

Smart technical are very stupid in this matter. They did not check or they don’t have records about how the network or the antenna was cabled. The box is to expand the signal on the cable because of the cable used was over the required length. Just push the cable going inside to make sure that it is properly connected. Also dry the box if it is moistures.

Then try to connect. If it works, call them back then tell then what you did and ask for payback to their damage.



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