Problem installing SAS Foundation issue

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I am working on the installation of SAS a message box that says:

I checked on my installer and I could not figure out what went wrong along the way of installation. I have all the rights to install files on my system. I tried to use another copy of same version of installer, but it seems that the same problem persist. Should there be other steps or dependencies I missed on, or is my installer defective? I've been with this problem for a day now.

Please give me some good ideas on finding out the errors I encountered. 

Install Failure

The following problem was encountered while installing SAS Foundation:

An error has occurred while processing installation package files.

For more information please see the log file:

C:Program FilesSAS InstallMiscInstallLogs9.2sasinstall 10062009 092513.log

Would you like to continue with the remaining installs?

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Problem installing SAS Foundation issue


Hello there Jamyjolts!

Possible reasons for this kind of error are listed as follows:

– The file system you are using is a non-native Windows system. If you are not using Window Commands, Windows Operations, Windows Scripts, and other Windows supported system on your computer, the Windows operating system won't read the installation of SAS Foundation. A Unix file system is an example of a non-native Windows system.

– Maximum of 260 characters are allowed for your path length. Anything higher than that is unacceptable. Installing SAS software that has a too long path names will disable your installation.

Correcting your problem might include the following steps:

– Use a Windows native file system

– Use a local machine to install and create SAS Software Depot

– Use a shared location with a shorter path name

Let me know if your problem still persists.


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Problem installing SAS Foundation issue


Hi Jamyjolts,

 Are you installing using UNIX file system? there are two reasons why this problem occurred.

1. Maybe, because you are using the UNIX file system which is a non-native file system. This is not applicable to Windows. SAS prompts you for system requirements CDs when you install from a depot that was created on another platform, such as UNIX. To resolve the problem,  from a Windows machine create a new depot on UNIX via Samba drive. Samba, has the file systems that has translations layer or interface that will enable the  Windows Operating System to read them. 

2.  Or you exceed the maximum allowable length in the path name. The Windows API shell has limits the maximum total path length to 260 characters.

Use a filename and path to the SAS Software Depot root that is no more than 50 characters. Several directories in the SAS Software Depot are long. Also study the correct Filenames, Paths and Namespaces you use. 

In conclusion create the SAS Software Depot on of the following locations:

– a native file system 

– the local machine

– a shared network location with a short path name only.

Hope this will help you to solve your problem.

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