Problem with fully accessing Microsoft Excel drop-down file

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I have a certain drop-down loaded file which was filled out and created in Excel 2007, and is also accessible in Excel 2010. Currently, I have Excel 2007. When the file was sent back to me, the values I entered are accurate and are in the right cell rows and columns.

But I’ve noticed a problem that I can’t resolved. The drop-downs on the Excel file no longer works. I’ve attempted to save it as a 2007 file. It didn’t work. Next, I tried to email it but still it didn’t work.

Lastly, I’ve done flash driving but I got the same outcome.

Do you have any idea to make the drop downs become active once again?

Please help me. Thank you so much! 

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Problem with fully accessing Microsoft Excel drop-down file


Hello Maureen,

My first guess was to see if the file is locked but on a second thought, i realized that you wouldn't be able to work with the file in first place if it were locked, right ?

You might want to have a look here on this forum. Could it be the case that the person you sent this file to, mistakenly froze the dropdown panes ?

In that case, as suggested on the forum, you can simply unfreeze the panes from the window menu. Also i assume that the person you sent the file to, has a copy of it, in email or on hard drive. You can also check if your excel program has a bug.

You can check that by opening other excel files with dropdown menu on your desktop. 

I hope that helps.


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