Problem with all browser any help please !

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Hi All,

In my new computer I have tried to use all browser but sometimes it doesn’t work properly.

I operate my pc with amd quad core processor, gigabyte motherboard, ddr3 ram and high speed hard disk and a best power supply. I had browse before in 20 more self computer without having any problem.

Is it any software and hardware clash?


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Problem with all browser any help please !


Hello there,

Well there can be various reasons behind this issue. The first and the most important reason can be a Malware attack. Did you tried running an Antivirus Scan for your system and check for Malwares or other viruses which maybe causing this problem? If No then Run an antivirus scan and remove any Malware or Viruses if it detects. Also you can update your registry through Ccleaner. Analyse errors by running Ccleaner and then fix all the issue. Also update your registry through Ccleaner. This will surely resolve your problem.


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Problem with all browser any help please !


Computer hardware or software might be the possible issue here. However, I cant give concrete information which of the two is the real problem.

If all browser are not working, then it's hard to argue or accept the fact that they all malfunction at the same time.

When you say, browser sometimes it doesn't work properly, what do you mean by this? Internet won't load or display the page or it won't the browser won't open or encountered freezing frequently? Does the browser closed by itself? Slow moving browser when browsing?

You have to be more specific what is not working sometimes. But basing on my understanding, i will give my opinion to this.

For Slow moving browser is sometimes caused by too much bits of files saved like cookies, internet files, history, forms data and any of these stuff.

Perform the following steps

Go to Tools, Internet Options
Click on Delete button under browsing history
Check all the boxes to optimized the browser
Click on Delete all button to clear all them

For freezing browser

Steps to solve constant freezing is to reset the browser back to default. This clear all possible browser related issues such as newly installed toolbars and any kind of those stuff.

Go to Tools, Internet Options
Look for Advanced button
Click on Restore default
Then click on OK button to save the changes 

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Problem with all browser any help please !


Hallo Tom,

Sounds a bit strange that all browsers have refused. Have you tried installing Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome? If those failed too then you might be installing the wrong browser which do not meet the system specifications of your computer. Check to find out if the operating system that you are using is a 32 or 64 bit and Google for the right browser and then download and try to install.

Otherwise have you also checked to ensure that your primary hard drive where the operating system and the program files reside is not full? If it is full it may be not be able to take any additional programs because it is out of space. Run the disk clean up utility to empty unused programs and queued errors that might be eating up space on the computer. Try installing and see how it goes.


Mahesh Babu

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Problem with all browser any help please !


I scanned my computer like what you said, and sure enough, there are a number of detections. I also checked the specifications of my browser and downloaded the right version of Mozilla Firefox. My Mozilla browser is working okay for now. I'll ask you again if I encountered some problems in the future.

Thank you Darren Mac, Sharathr and Mahesh Babu!

Many thanks TechyV!

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