Definition Of Microsoft Remote Assistance And Send The File

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Hello experts, I was curious to know about Microsoft Remote Assistance. Kindly guide me through the exact definition along with its features.

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Definition Of Microsoft Remote Assistance And Send The File


Remote assistance support from Microsoft provides remotely access another system, computer screen, etc.
You have to go to this link.

You can read terms and conditions and get started with clicking on I ACCEPT button.
Steps to send a file.

1. Go to start menu and choose “Help and support.”

2. Want to Ask for assistance.

3. To connect to your computer with Remote Assistance click “Invite a friend.”

4. Hit Invite someone to help you and choose Save Invitation as the file.

5. Hit on continue.

6. Navigate through the path where you want to save the file.

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Definition Of Microsoft Remote Assistance And Send The File


Remote Assistance or Microsoft Remote Assistance is a feature not only in Microsoft Windows 7 but other Microsoft Windows operating systems as well from Microsoft Windows XP and higher. It allows a user to temporarily view and control a remote computer running on Microsoft Windows, frequently over the internet, to fix problems without literally touching the unit. It is based on RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol.

Remote Assistance in Windows Vista is based on RDP 6 and Windows Desktop Sharing API. This version of the Remote Assistance is a standalone program that doesn’t use the Windows Messenger or the Windows Help and Support Center. This allows two systems administrators to connect simultaneously to a single computer.

Remote Assistance in Windows 7 is based on RDP 7 and uses Peer Name Resolution Protocol when connecting using the Easy Connect option. With Easy Connect, you don’t need an invitation file to initiate a session. You only need a password and two computers to start a peer-to-peer connection over the internet or local area network without the need of a relay server.

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