Printer stuck on spooling error doesn’t recover

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I have a canon home printer and have been using it quite from past 5 years. In the recent past I have started to observe that, whenever I give print, it simply says printing and do not complete the task. The only way to recover is turn off both my computer and the printer. Again if I turn on both, and issue print, it must probably work fine. What do you think is the problem? Once it starts to print, it still never gets stuck. Currently I have solution but it is only temporary. Can anybody guide me on this to get one solution which is permanent?

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Printer stuck on spooling error doesn’t recover


Trying to fix a printer spooler can be executed in three ways and these are: Changing Print Spooler Properties, Restoring Default Printer State and Scanning System Files.

However, I choose to talk of the first method being: CHANGING PRINT SPOOLER PROPERTIES

1. From the Start menu, select the Control Panel

2. Choose the Printer Spooler after clicking the Administrative Tools

3. From the Pint Spooler Properties window, click on the Stop Button to stop the Spooler to fix some errors and click on the Start Button to start the print Spooler afterwards.

4. Click on the drop-down menu to set the spooler to start up automatically. This action makes it impossible to lose track (on every occasion) of any new print activities.

5. Click on Apply to save the changes

6. From the Recovery Tab, change the recovery options to control in what way the spooler will respond to its errors.

The following modifications should be established to adjust these settings:

  • For First Time Failure – Restart the Service 
  • For Second Time Failure – Restart the Service 
  • For Successive Failures – Take No Action
  • Reset Fail Count After – 1Days
  • Restart Service After – 1 Minutes After completion, click Apply to save the settings.

7. Uncheck the box aligns to Allow interaction with desktop to stop any interactions with desktop. Click Apply to effect change.

8. At this stage, you can start and retry printing again. Restarting your computer is recommended to effect change.

9. When the error message still shows or displays, move to this step by going over the dependencies from the Print Spooler Properties window, clicking on the Dependencies Tab. Go up the top box tagged This Service Depends on the following System Components, consider the status of each service listed in this panel.

– Make sure the Services Window is not closed and locate from the upper Dependencies pane one service itemized beneath the name column.

– Verify and ensure in the Status Column that the word started is in that file.

– Verify and ensure in the Startup Type Column that the word automatic is in that file.

– Stop and start the service when you detect any of the services you looked up have none of these values by double-clicking on the service name as well as utilizing the various buttons in the properties window.

– Attempt to reinstall the drivers again when the above step fails to convert the values, although this may entail a high risk registry editing hence calling for an explicit troubleshooting guide for such service.

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