Precautions when assembling a Machine

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I have a desktop that I would like to assemble from scratch, I wanted to know the precautions that I should consider when setting up my machine. Are there any specialized equipment that i would need for the processor removal and placement? Where do I purchase such an equipment? And how much would this cost?

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Precautions when assembling a Machine



There are some precautions you must consider while assembling a computer system. The precautions are as follows:

·         Fully shut down and unplug.

·         Take off any metal objects.

·         Your hands are completely dry.

·         Work in a cool area.

·         Put your hands against another metal surface.

·         Prepare a place to keep any screws.

·         Do not forcefully remove any parts of the computer system.

·         Be careful while holding the motherboard of the computer system.

·         Never attempt to remove the power source of the computer system.

·         Be careful not to drop any small parts of the computer system.


Yes, there are many specialized equipment that you would need for the processor removal and placement. These equipments are as follows:

·         Phillips-head (cross-shaped) screwdriver.

·         Needle-nose pliers.

·         Anti-static Wrist Strap.

·         Spring action parts grabber.

·         Electrical tape.

·         Wire or nylon ties.

·         Flashlight must be hands-free.

You can purchase this specialized equipment from online or you can buy them from computer hardware shops.

They all will cost around 50$-100$.

Hope this answer will help you a lot.

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