PowerPoint Compatibility Issue with Windows Version

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I have a PowerPoint slides that sum up to 7MB. I have to reduce the size to a much smaller one. I cannot convert it to .JPG as I have a co-author that I need to consider. The problem is, they used Windows 97-2004 while the slides are created in PowerPoint 2008 for Mac. But I am saving the slides as 97-2004 for compatibility issue. But even if I can open the presentation on my computer, if I send it to others, they are unable to open it. What seems to be the problem? Please help me fix it. Thanks.

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PowerPoint Compatibility Issue with Windows Version


Hallo Anne,

First of all, to reduce the small of your 7 MB PowerPoint file I will recommend that you use a compressing software instead of trying co convert them into the .jpg format. One of the best file compressing software is WINRAR which you can get for free from online.

And for the PowerPoint document to be successfully read by the people you are sending it to, you must save it in the windows 97-2003 compatibility format so that when the other people are using the old ms PowerPoint 2003, they will not have trouble opening the files.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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