‘Powerbook G4’ and sometimes the screen quickly dims

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I am having ‘Powerbook G4’ and sometimes the screen quickly dims and displays a message which says ‘restart the computer’. I have no idea why this is happening.

Please help me to stop this. 

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‘Powerbook G4’ and sometimes the screen quickly dims


That kind of problem is most likely caused by the inverter that you are using and / or the lcd backlight of the device, but most of the time it is  just caused by the inverter. And therefore to resolve the problem, you will need to have to have a local Apple tech to help you fix the problem. For that, you will need to access the apple website and from there you will get the apple customer support personnel contacts, and then you will contact them and explain to them the status of your problem. They should for sure help you fix that problem very well.

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‘Powerbook G4’ and sometimes the screen quickly dims


That thing that’s happening to your Powerbook G4 is what they call “Kernel Panic”. This problem can be triggered by several things like problems with software and hardware like a failing hard drive or a faulty RAM. If you encountered this problem, try doing a hardware test to see if there is a problem with any components in your laptop.

To perform a hardware test, you need your OS X setup CD that came with your laptop. To do a hardware test, insert your OS X install disk then shut down your computer. Wait for about ten seconds then turn it back on then press and hold “D” on your keyboard right after you press the power button to start the laptop.

This should start the disc then go to “Apple Hardware Test” and then run a test. If the test doesn’t show any error then it could be a software-related issue. In this case, check if there is something connected to your laptop that causes software conflict like any device connected to your laptop via FireWire or USB. Disconnect anything connected then see if it works.

If you don’t have anything connected, backup your hard drive and reinstall your operating system by doing a clean install. To perform a clean install, check Clean Install OS X El Capitan.

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