Please Help With Error 200 – GameGuard

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I recently downloaded “Uncharted Waters Online” so I can play on my computer during my rest day and whenever I have free time. The game works great and I’m enjoying it for a month now. But just yesterday when I’m about to play it, this error 200 hit me and I don’t know what is it all about. I can’t play the game because of this error.

Please share any info on how to fix it.

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Please Help With Error 200 – GameGuard


With GameGuard, error “200” means it detected or nProtect detected a malicious or illegal program running in the background. This error may prevent you from playing the game. If you receive this error with Uncharted Waters Online, close any less important programs running in the background. If you don’t have any programs running in the background or currently open, restart your computer then try again.

If this doesn’t work and the game still triggers the same error 200, update your antivirus and perform a full system scan. For a thorough check, try downloading Sophos Virus Removal Tool. It is not an antivirus but a tool designed to remove hard-to-detect viruses. You don’t need to uninstall or disable your existing antivirus or internet security program.

It works alongside any antivirus program you may have. Once installed, start Sophos then wait for the virus signature database to get updated. When updating is complete, click to start scanning your computer. The tool scans everything on your computer including devices connected via USB port.

When a virus is found at the end of the scan, remove it then repeat the scan over and over until it no longer detects a virus. This tool can only be used for several months after you first install it. It will automatically stop working once it reaches its usable period. If you want to use it again, you need to download a new copy.

If the problem continues, uninstall and reinstall the game.

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