What is impression and ctr in adsense

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What is impression and CTR in AdSense?

I have a Google AdSense account. I got this a yesterday when I applied.

I'm still studying this affiliate but I admit that I'm really new with this.

Just wanted to know what is impression and CTR that I see in the homepage of my account.

Can someone explain?

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What is impression and ctr in adsense


Hi Victoria,

A page impression in counted as one regardless of the number of Ads that are displayed on that page. Every time a user views a web page that is displaying Google ad words, a page impression is generated. Just to give you more insight, in example where a page that is being viewed has say four Ad units and it is viewed only twice then two page impressions will be generated regardless of the four  Ad units.

CTR on the other side stands for click through rate. It is simply the ratio of number of times an Ad will appear in your website to the number of times people will click it. So if the Ad appeared four times and people clicked it six times, then CTR will be two over three times.

Hope this helps.


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What is impression and ctr in adsense


Hello friend,

Google AdSense is a free program which allows online publishers to make returns by displaying significant ads on a wide range of online content and if you are new to the Google AdSense then you need to know the different terminologies such as page impressions, clicks, CTR and eCPM. Here, I only answered the question, what is page impressions and CTR?

Page Impressions – Page Impressions are what Google AdSense counts every time a user views a page displaying AdSense ads. One page load is considered one page impression despite how many ads are on that page. But keep in mind that page impressions are different from ad unit impressions. If a user is showing more than 1ad unit on a page, several ad unit impressions will be logged for that page view, but only a single page impression will come out in the reports.

For example, a user showing a page with 3 ad units and 1 link unit will log 4 ad unit impressions, but only 1 page impression. So a page Impression is how many times the page or pages containing the AdSense advertisement were shown to visitors.

CTR= It means Click Through Rate, and narrates to what proportion of your impressions (when an ad is viewed to someone) consequence in a valid click (when somebody clicks on the ad)

For example, if you have 9 clicks from 82 impressions then a CTR will be of 10.98%

CTR has a great meaning as it gives you a better thought about your content page. If you post a good ad, write something well then you will have good CTR. If not then you need to go back to the drawing board and do something better for a high click through rate of your ad and post.

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