Making my FB Account private

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Hi techyv!

I am an active Facebook user and I really hate people posting on my walls with Spams.

I also hate people commenting on my pictures and my status.

I want to make my Facebook account public to only selected friends.

Is this possible?

How will I do it if yes?

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Making my FB Account private



Ya there is a option in making your account private,

1. When you giving friend request or accepting any request you can make that possible

2. 1st you need to create a list for whom you need to share all your post, comments

3. Go to your friends list, create a list by the name of your choice and add all those people in the list whom you want to share    pic and status.

4. After uploading your pictures you can see a wheel like icon in the right corner of the screen when you click it you can see many lists like public, friends, only me and the name of the list which you have created.

5. If you click public – whom ever in Facebook can see you picture, friends- whom ever is in your friends list can see, only me – only you can, when you click on the name of list which you have created the person whom you had added in the list can only see, comment on those pictures.

6. Same applies for status also, after typing your status you can see same icon on the right end by clicking that you can make it visible to the people whom you want.

I hope my answers will help you

Thank you

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Making my FB Account private



I give a sort  summary for protect your Facebook profile.
Privatize Your Profile
Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends, family and other contacts online. It’s also a great place to spread personal information, pictures, and other data to everyone if you don’t use the proper settings.
The first thing you want to do is change default settings under the Privacy Settings.
Take the time to go through each of the privacy sections and make the appropriate choices for your profile.
Go through each section to adjust who can see your information. Of course showing it to everyone will be the least private.
Make sure to go through the settings for both Basic and Contact information.
If you choose a custom setting you can select who sees it and even block out specific users (like your crazy ex).
Control what information is on your wall, and what posts to your friend’s wall.
Control what other people can see about you in searches.
Umme Salma


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