Please give me the details of C + + book guide

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Please give me the details of C + + book guide & list such as definition etc. Also what is to be done to profile the C + + code with Linux?

Kindly note the criteria as short passage for best result.

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Please give me the details of C + + book guide


C++ is an object oriented programming language. ‘The complete reference C++’ is the most comprehensive book for C++ learner. You can a have a simple start up of C++ programming in Linux by following the steps below. Keep in mind I am using Linux of Ubuntu distribution but it's really ok if you are using any different flavor of Linux. There may be minor difference of syntax.

  1. Open terminal and create a directory of any name inside your home directory. Let me say it programming, Enter:     mkdir programming(enter)
  2. Now open a plain text editor and write a C++ code and save it as name.cpp.
  3. Now come back to the terminal and change the directory to your created directory,Enter: Cd programming/ (enter). 
  4. For compiling you need to enter: g++ name.cpp(enter).
  5. You will see the output as a.out alongside name.cpp
  6. Enter a command: ./a.out(enter)

You will see the output.

URL of the book: PDF

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