Please check the spelling and try again.

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Hello Guys.

I am looking for some files to my computer. I am using Ubuntu as my operating system. I have also windows 7 installed and run well to my computer and no problem with it, but with my Ubuntu every time I am looking for a file to the desktop this error appears?

What is this error?

How can I get rid of this one?

Could not find “/home/dangmien/Desktop/eclipse”.

Please check the spelling and try again.

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Please check the spelling and try again.


Other than the error message that you posted there may be similar instances like shown in the above screen shot.

According to the screenshot you posted, there is no "Eclipse" in your desktop… so I think that message is correct

If you have error messages like shown in above picture we can help you for further.

If you an error message like "Could not display "computer:///""

Check what did you install recently (look at the /var/log/aptitude if you uses aptitude, or /var/log/apt .. or in you synaptic.. or whatever you use…)

You could also try reinstalling nautilus, with:

sudo aptitude reinstall nautilus

we like to help you with any further queries

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