.exe support in Ubuntu. Please Help me..

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I am using Ubuntu 11. 04. But i did not running any .exe file in Ubuntu 11.04?

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.exe support in Ubuntu. Please Help me..


Hello Nahid,

Well as you are pretty aware about Linux OS that its previous version could not install any exe(windows) files, but the version of Ubuntu 10.04 comes with various alternatives and it also installs and runs windows .exe files through WINE application.

So all you got to do is install WINE by going in Ubuntu Support Centre.

Once you install it you can then go to any exe file right click it and select open with WINE window program and to your surprise you will see .exe file successfully installed in your UBUNTU 10.04.

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.exe support in Ubuntu. Please Help me..


If this is the first time you’ll be using Ubuntu and you are still on the process of knowing the system, there is a way how you can run or execute .exe files. This is possible with the help of a software called WineHQ. Computers running on Linux operating system runs quickly because of the system’s streamlined software.

But even if you are happy because your machine is running smoothly and quickly, there is one big problem with Linux operating system. They are not capable of running or executing .exe files like normal out-of-the-box operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. To run .exe files on Linux, you need to install the software WineHQ. See the instructions below on how to install WineHQ.

  • To begin, you need to download WineHQ from its website to install the software. Visit WineHQ | Wine Downloads to download WineHQ. Select the download package appropriate for your operating system. Since you are using Ubuntu, click on the Ubuntu package.
  • In Ubuntu, click System, Administration, and then Software Sources.
  • Click Third Party Software then Add.
  • In the resources section below you will find the link you need to type into the Apt Line: field. There are three different codes depending on the version of Ubuntu you are running.
  • Download Scott Ritchie Key. In Ubuntu, right-click on that link then select Authentication and then Import Key File. After installing it, click Close then choose the option to reload the package information when asked to do so by the program.

You are now ready to run .exe files. To see the instructions on how to run .exe files with WineHQ, visit eHow tech | How to Run EXE Files on Ubuntu.

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