Please answer these MySQL questions important on my project.

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Hello there! I will just ask some MySQL questions as I don’t understand them. I need these in my current project. Here they are:

1. What is the use of InnoDB?

2. How will I display only the last record in the same table with equal preference?

3. What is the correct command of counting the number of records in a table?

Thank you for those who will answer!

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Please answer these MySQL questions important on my project.


Hi Trevor,

         The use of InnoDB is as follows:

a.       Row- level locking

b.      Foreign key constraints

c.       Performance

d.      Concurrency

e.      Reliability

f.        Data Security

To answer your 2nd question, I am making the assumption that the last record in the table has some attribute as largest. For example: Employee Table having employee number as the primary key and other employee details.

Select * from Employee where employee number = (Select max(employee number) from Employee)

        The answer to your 3rd question would be:

        Select count(*) from table

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