Problem starting Virtual private server

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Hi, I’m a VPS user . When I try to start the VPS, I get this error message that reads, “Starting container … Virtuozzo API function call 'VzkrnlStartVps' failed dwErr=0x000005AA /  container 413 is  not started   /    Exec '@VzOnShutdown' failed in container 413". I haven’t made any modifications or changes to the installed program. Please help me.

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Problem starting Virtual private server



Virtual private server is an expression worn by Internet hosting services pass on to a Virtual machine. The expression are used for emphasizing that, the virtual machine, while running in software on the same physical computer as like as other customer’s virtual machines, several compliments functionally comparable to a divide physical computer.

Virtual private server is enthusiastic to the individual customer's needs. It has the privacy of a divide physical computer and can be organize to run server software. It does not use burst or shared RAM through numerous machines, and use personality CPU cores.

Therefore, you have to ensure that, ever you run windows updates inside the container or done any changes with tcpip.sys system file. If you never done that then please ensure the event viewer for the accurate error.


Your system is running out of virtual memory and owing to which you are causing the problem. The easy way to unravel the problem is to reboot the main hardware.

Then you have to check in the task manager, which vps is overriding soaring resources and it’s require to stop that VPS, and then start vps in question.





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