Questions about buying an iPod Touch

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I am planning on buying an Apple iPod Touch 8 GB (4th Generation) but I have lots of question about it.

What is the DOCK for and do I have to have it to use the iPod?

How do i charge it? 

Do I need iTunes account and why?

I am waiting for the valuable response.


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Questions about buying an iPod Touch


About DOCK,  it is called Apple DOCK connector to USB, for getting easy access to USB port for charging or syncing your iPod or you can connect to a TV or speakers.  

You can charge it by using, ultra compact USB-based adapter, so you can charge you iPod anywhere even if it is not connected to the computer.

You need to use iTunes, as it's from the system requirements as the WiFi capability that built into iPod, lets you access the iTunes.  This lets you  choose from millions of high quality DRM-free songs , movies , TV shows and top ten.  You can easily type for quick research about any thing you want.

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Questions about buying an iPod Touch


Apple iPod Touch is a portable fourth generation media player.

  1. DOCK is a connector. It is also called Apple DOCK. It is used to connect for charging and syncing data back and forth on your iPod and connect to PC, using it and so on. You can use it easily.
  2. You need to connect directly to your computer’s USB port to charge iPod. Turn off your computer’s standby mode or hibernate or sleep mode.
  3. You need not have an account actually. But if you need to buy movies, music and applications then you need an iTunes account.

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