Phishing attack or MITM attack

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Suppose we are going to login our Gmail, yahoo, Facebook or any other secure account and on the first attempt it shows us a message that your password is incorrect and open that login page once again or without showing any message that login page shown again and then we got to know that it was a phishing page or any MITM attack then what is the solution to prevent our information?

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Phishing attack or MITM attack



Hi there,

The Phishing attack or the MITM most commonly known as the man in the middle attack is a very cunning attack indeed. Here the unsuspecting user is tricked into thinking that the attacker is actually a person representing the site or company that the user is affiliated with. The best way to combat phishing attacks is to look for the clues I mentioned below


  • Look for the SSL or the lock icon on the right hand side of the address bar in the browser.
  • Do not click on the links in suspicious looking email
  • For any sites that you regularly visit, bookmark the link after you typed and visited the link. Use this bookmark in the future to visit that particular site.
  • Use anti-phishing software. Some of those include the Netcraft toolbar, or the google toolbar.
  • I highly recommend the Netcraft toolbar


Hope that helps

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