I need basic login HTML template

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Hi experts,
I am making a website of selling products. I have basic knowledge about html. But I do not have that much knowledge that can make a website alone. However I believe that till we do not take ant challenge we can not learn anything. So I took this initiative. I want a basic login html template. Which I searched in google and found some. But I need someone to come up here with an explanation. So please give me a an html code containing login template and kindly give a small explanation.

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I need basic login HTML template


Greetings Joseph K Carpenter,

Well I'm afraid that you can't really use only html to make a login function on your website.

Through html/CSS you can only make it looks but for a whole login system you require a database (something like MySQL) and a language that will communicate with that database like asp.net and PHP.

It's really not as simple. This requires an in depth knowledge about those things.

If you want to make your own login system I would suggest that you start by learning MySQL and PHP.

Check out this link for MySQL for newbies.

And check out this link for PHP.

Hope I helped you,


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