Performance Data Exists database contains old performance data

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Hello Tech Pro,

When I am building a database engine, I ended up with a weird error message. This error message gives me some options to fix this error. However, nothing seems to work for me. I need to do this job before this weekend. I have attached the image of the problem; please do help me to fix the problem. Thanks a lot. 

Performance Data Exists

This database contains old performance data. Would you like to discard the old data and start fresh?

Select “Yes” to delete the existing performance data and begin a new collection. Deleting the existing performance data may affect or overwrite any dependent data you’ve defined in the Server Consolidation, Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track, and Azure Migration features.

Select “No” to append new data to the previously existing collection.

Select “Cancel” to make no change and return to the console.


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Performance Data Exists database contains old performance data


Since your existing database already contains previous performance data, I don’t think it is advisable to select Yes or to delete the existing performance data. If there are tasks or features in the server that greatly depends on the data or on the existing performance data in the database, deleting it and starting a fresh collection will cripple and affect any available features and tasks.

It might also cause errors to suddenly appear on the server as a result of deleting the old performance data. Selecting No and adding your new data to the existing set doesn’t harm the database. So to avoid any future problems in the server, better select No and add your new data to the present database.

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