Oracle database program runs but does not execute query

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For my university course,i had to install oracle database program both in my laptop and computer. But when i installed the 10g enterprise edition, it was not only installed properly and also i could open it.

But when i tried to write some query for practicing using my desktop, the oracle database program did not execute it which means i can only run the program, but can not execute it.

I need help for this.


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Oracle database program runs but does not execute query


To do this find the guilty SQL this would be the first step in solving this issue. Chances are that by now you must be knowing which SQL is the offensive one.

Follow this simple steps to sort your problem out: Click on the performance on the top tab from here you may be able to see which were the recently executed queries order by the most intensive. In your case I believe the most appropriate way is using AWR view which is an inbuilt performance related statistics and derive metrics from them to track a potential problem.

It is able to list the number of activities that have been accessed in a few days. Once you have found the offending SQL you can now have an execution plan. This will have provided you with the starting point to solve the problem. To be able to see the execution plan you have to log in to SQL Plus and execute.

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