PC is running very slow

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I am an IT professional and I have never experienced this kind of problem before. Please help me understand why my PC is very slow. I usually do a lot of things at the same time in my PC but now it is running slow – saving files is slow, and opening programs and files are very slow especially when I open photo files. My applications are in my Seagate and my source files are in the Vertex II 60GB which is my sixth HDD.  Aren’t my files being saved temporarily in a hi-speed memory?

Here are the specifications of my PC in order to help you understand more the details of my problem: Memory is 5GB free out of 48GB; My CPU usage is 2% or less; HDD is OCZ Vertex II 120GB bootable with a spare 4X1.5TB Seagate Barracuda. My Operating System is Windows 7X64 Professional. Ram is 48GB OCZ Reaper HPC Series 1600 MHz. My PC driver is EVGA SR2 with Dual Intel Xeon X5680.

I have been working with my PC day and night but I have had no problems with its performance until just recently. I cannot figure out why it is like this. Please help me resolve my problem.

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PC is running very slow


Hi Daisy Paz,

Since you are an IT profressional as you have informed us, I am assuming that you know a lot of reasons why your computer is running slow. So, I will be helping you identify the main reason why your computer is acting that way, considering the fact that your pc's specification is really good. Below are list of possibilities that might cause the slowing down of your pc.


  • Some data maybe corrupted.
  • Their might be not enough space on your hard disk, try deleting unimportant files on it and atleast leave 200MB of free space.
  • The fan to cool down the processor might be obstructed with dusts, resulting for the processor to overheat. Try cleaning it with a brush or a blower.
  • Try defragmenting the data on your pc.
  • You may have missed some window updates
  • Consider rebooting your pc.
  • Make sure there is no hardware conflicts, if there is, please resolve this issue as it may be the cause why your computer is running slow.
  • Try scanning for malwares and spywares.
I hope you find this very helpful. But if you have tried all my suggestions and still the same thing happened. Might as well have your memory upgraded into a more higher version or better yet have your computer reformatted.


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PC is running very slow


Dear Daisy,

                         I just want to confirm the details of your specifications before i go ahead and answer you. Did you say that your computer has 5GB free out of 48GB? Are you talking about RAM ? Because if you are talking about RAM i don't think its possible to have 48GB of RAM in a system unless you have a server which you mentioned you don't have. I construe that out of your answer since you are using Windows 7 64bit version which would be inappropriate for your server system. Can you please confirm the details and get back on it ?

Abe Bryan.


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PC is running very slow


Hi Daisy,


There lot of reasons why PC's running very slow, because some of the data,applications and files are not compatible with 

what OS that u've install/used . . . Some files of them are corrupted, it can be conflict to your PC's hardware & utilities.

All you need  to do so that your PC's will not running very slow are to:

* reformat your PC and back-up your save files that are important

* update it time to time

* reformat it monthly(if it is not slow don't reformat it)

* don't install any anti-virus(it will make PC's slow because of it's update)


thank you.

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