Monitor is not working, why?

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Hi it is happening form morning, my Pc is running but monitor is Black. I check power connections and complete other basic steps, but not working.

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Monitor is not working, why?



I am trying to help you. Please follow the steps below:

1. Check the main power cable.

2. Check the power cable which is connected with monitor.

3. Check the monitor power button.

4. If not working, change the cable which is connected with monitor.

5. If your monitor is too old, hit it with hair drier (from personal experience). Sometime old monitor need to be hated. 

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Monitor is not working, why?


Hello Mr. Nazim.

Have you checked the connections carefully? If there is no problem then the problem is in your Motherboard. You said that your pc is running but monitor is black. This happens when the Motherboard of that computer does not work properly. You may have to change the Motherboard of your computer. I would suggest you to take your computer to an expert technical person. Do not try yourself for the safety of your device.

Thank you for your question.

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Monitor is not working, why?


It occurs mainly for power supply problem or other connection problem. If your monitor becomes damaged, this problem also occurs.

* Check the power supply line if there is any loose. Be sure that power is on and light is bright.

* Check the connection with pc. If the connection is loose, it also occurs.


* Disconnect the power supply line and wait for about 20-30 seconds and then connect again.

* Disconnect all the connections and wait for 1-2 minutes and then again connect.

If these nothing works, then be sure that your monitor is damaged. You have to change your monitor.

But it will be better to check up your monitor with a good technician.

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Monitor is not working, why?


Hi dear,

There are many things that can be reason of this.

You should keep these steps in mind and check again your monitor. I assure you that your problem will be resolved.

1. Check all cables, power and VGA. Check them carefully including their connectors.

2. Check your monitor by attaching it with other system. If it shows display on other system then this is not your monitor's problem.

Then you have to check your computer from inside.

Open case and check VGA card. Is it working? If it is working then remove all Rams, clean them and put in slots back.

These are few things that you have to check, the problem is only in these things.

I hope it will resolve your problem


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Monitor is not working, why?


Hello Nawaz,

As you already checked the basic steps, I want to start you about the father step. Is your BIOS working! Check the VGA cable carefully and check if there is any pin is making the trouble or not! Now if that is okay than check your VGA card. If that is build-in than you have to check this VGA with another computer monitor. Now if you get both of them okay than check your RAM and processor. Sometimes it causes because bad connection in slots. So clean the both slot and RAM and connect it again. Your problem would be solved in any of these steps.

Thank you,

 Riley Weaver.

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