Pc-power on but no signs of restarting

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I am in some serious predicament. My desktop pc is having some restarting problem. The power indicators are showing that the pc is getting power, however it is not restarting at all. I have tried to examine the insides but it is no use. Please someone tell me what is causing the problem and why. Should someone one to the reason inform me immediately please.

Vince Milano

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Pc-power on but no signs of restarting


Hi there , 

This is a common issue in old PC's , intel or AMD . 

What you have to do is follow my steps correctly and double check that you have done it correct before jumping to next. 

before that let me tell you what's the cause :- the problem is because of the dirt accumulation inside the RAM expansion slots and thus less contact with RAM and motherboard.

To solve it follow my steps :- 

1. Make sure your PC is off and disconnect from power. 

2. Now remove the chassi cover 

3. Now carefully remove the RAM by pushing the lever on sides to opposite of the RAM .

4. Pull it out and then wipe the contacts of the RAM with a clean , dry cloth .

5. Clean the expansion slots with a clean ,dry brush and blow air to it also . 

6. Now put it back , 

Turn system on and you are done.

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Pc-power on but no signs of restarting


Hi Milano

Your problem is quite common with clone computers. It occurs with of the pc. When a computer stays long, some components get to break. Please try the following solutions

1.       I gaze your power supply unit is running ok. Check if the four pin power cable is well inserted, or try clean it up, and then insert it afresh. Check if any of your additional cards like sound card are properly and correctly inserted

2.       If the monitor does not completely show the manufacturer information when you start up, and there is no sound click, then clean up and re insert the RAM card correctly.

3.       In the extreme case, check if the micro processor is overheated; if so try if your fun run flexibly with high speed.

4.       Extremely, please change either your RAM, or Microprocessor


microprocessor                          ram card





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