Power Surge all of a sudden – USB ports

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I have a problem with my USB data slots. Whenever I insert a flash disk or data cable into any of the slots my Windows freezes. (using XP sp2). After I reboot, I get prompted with this error message:


exceeded the power limits of its hub port.For assistance in solving this problem,click this message", I click on the message -> click repair but nothing happens. What might cause all this trouble ?


As a side note, it has happened to me only recently and thus I am lead to believe that it's not that the devices drain more power than the HUB is designed to support.

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Power Surge all of a sudden – USB ports

  • Yes. That means a USB ports has unusually high-power seeking. I  think this is more to do with the hardware side rather than the software side. SO, any repairing the computer and all should not help.
  • Reduce your USB usage for some days and your problem must cool down. Always use the USB port for cameras and all the other things, will make your USB port like this.
  • Try using powered hubs. These are the best in this type of issues.So, move away from normal USB ports and go towards powered hubs.


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Power Surge all of a sudden – USB ports


hi there

are you using a laptop ? or desktop. if you are running a laptop; please check you power plan. because in most laptops when you are running on batteries it will automatically put you in to the power saving mode, in power saving mode it will reduce and cut off power from some devices according to the power plan. it can also be a problem please double check


are you using USB hub to connect your devices in to the laptop. its a common issue that if you plug more devices to a USB hub, USB hub will connect into single USB port in your computer. for some devices it will take power from the USB hub. because of that reason your other devices may not work properly or display errors as mentioned above ( such as your problem ) so if you are using please use USB port in your computer instead of hub for such a devices. then you will able to overcome this problem.

or it can be your motherboard, but most probably it will be a problem of your  USB hub or power plan


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