PC has slowed down after installing software

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I have recently installed thunder bird browser and since then each time I turn on the thunder bird software my pc gets slow. I need to use the browser so I need some way to run the browser in my pc without making the pc slow. If there is such a way to do so then please kindly someone well informed provide me with the solutions.

Aldrin Richards

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PC has slowed down after installing software



Before installing a program you should keep in mind the following for smooth functioning of your PC:

1. Whether the program is compatible with your PC configuration. If not, do not install that program which will let your PC slow.

2. There is some programs need some auxiliary program. However, you will be notified while installing the program. Read carefuly while installing the program.

3. There is another reason to let your PC slow – Virus. You can scan your computer with an update version of Antivirus.

4. You can delete temp file and prefetch from your Windows (Run).

5. It somewhat depends on the physical character of your PC.

I hope you understand it.


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