PC has become slow after idle state

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I switched on my Windows PC after an year or a little more time. Being in the idle state since such a long time, I think it has become somewhat slower, and takes more response time for any action. Sometimes, the mouse cursor moves, but I can't click on any file to open it. Why is this so? How can I correct it? Is this a common issue for all computers in idle state?

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PC has become slow after idle state


Hi Cynthhia,
There are many reasons due to which the computer has become slow. Some of the issues and there solutions are listed below.
Solution 1: Background applications
1) Some applications do start automatically when the user has booted the system
2) These applications effect the performance of the system
3) To avoid the problem, go to the 'System Configuration' window
4) Click on the 'Startup' tab and select the programs that can effect the system


Solution 2: Windows services
1) The windows services are enabled by default when the user enters the system
2) To view the services running in the system, click 'Start', type 'services'
3) Select the 'Component services' window, click 'Services'


4) Click on the specific service properties, a window will open
5) You can stop the respective service by clicking the 'Stop' button

Solution 3: BIOS settings
1) If the BIOS settings does not match with the machine configuration
2) There is no centralized database of optimal BIOS settings, use search engines and motherboard names to find correct settings

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