PC connected to HDTV have no display

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I want to connect my PC to my Samsung HDTV. It works on VGA cable but when I tried using HDMI cable there is no display, I have already configured all the resolution settings on my PC. Any advice please…

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PC connected to HDTV have no display


Hello Charles,

If you can connect the PC to the samsung HDTV with a VGA cable and it works just fine, but you connect with the HDMI cable it does not work then it is possible that:

  • The HMDI cable you are using has some problems. It could be broken somewhere and therefore data cannot be transmitted from the PC to the HDTV as required.
  • The HDMI you are using may not be supported. You will therefore need to obtain another cable that can work properly with the devices.

You can as well opt to use the VGA cable if it working just fine.



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